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Licence Langues, littératures et civilisations étrangères et régionalesParcours Enseigner les langues (français/allemand/anglais) : préparation au professorat des écoles (L3)


Third-year English-to-French and French-to-English translation classes will consolidate students’ reading, writing, and translation skills in both languages. While developing and reinforcing the study of translation concepts and methods, the courses will focus more particularly on writing styles and strategies. Students will translate extracts from literary works, journalism, essays, or historical documents, so as to familiarize themselves with different types of discourse and registers of language. They will also develop their ability to analyse and justify their own translations.
NB. Students are very strongly encouraged to acquire and use a unilingual English learner’s dictionary habitually and systematically (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, for example); a unilingual dictionary greatly facilitates the acquisition of vocabulary and should be the cornerstone of every student’s English studies. Students are also encouraged to read as much and as widely as possible in both English and French.

Compétences visées

Macro-compétences : expliquer le fonctionnement de la langue étudiée/ Traduire depuis et vers la langue étudiée 

S'organiser et planifier son travail *
 Utiliser différentes méthodes de travail **
 Chercher de l'information *
 Comprendre le fonctionnement de la langue ***
 S'exprimer, dialoguer **
 Traduire ***
 Contextualiser **
 Analyser textes et documents ***
 Prendre position et construire un argument abouti **
 Synthétiser, décloisonner, transférer *


  • Études anglophones


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