études anglophones

Le Département d'études anglaises et nord-américaines vous propose plusieurs types de cours de langues (compréhension orale, creative writing, etc.) ainsi que des cours de culture, de civilisation, de littérature et de linguistique. Ils peuvent être suivis dans le cadre des UE optionnelles ou supplémentaires.

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L’inscription se fait directement auprès de l’enseignante concernée au début du premier cours.

Les cours débutent en semaine 1.


LV20GM83 (3ECTS) : (1ersemestre)

Mardi 12h-13h, Mme GRASSY, A.24 (Platane)

Celluloid “Injuns”

Native Americans are one of the staples of American western movies, whose plots are mostly based on the antagonism between cowboys and “Indians.” Used like props for most of movie history, Native Americans have sometimes been portrayed like round characters – more consistently after the Native American movements of the 1960s - although stereotypes abound, even in sympathetic works (the wise Indian, the Pocahontas-style princess, and the cunning warrior, for example). This class aims at exploring the Indian as metaphor and reality through a corpus of seven western movies (StagecoachBroken Arrow,Devil’s DoorwayThe SearchersCheyenne AutumnLittle Big Man, and Dances with Wolves). Students will be engaging mostly in image analysis through in-class work, and will be required to make short oral and written presentations.

LV20HM83 (3ECTS): (2esemestre)

The Visual Arts in Britain, 1700-1900.

Lundi 15h-16h, Mme IBATA, s. 5109 (Patio)

The 18thand 19thcenturies are often considered to be the golden age of British art, with unprecedented achievements in painting, landscaping and architecture. This course will present the intellectual and social context of this development, and introduce the major artists of the time.

Suggested reading: 

Vaughan, William: British Painting: The Golden Age, Thames and Hudson, 1999.

Bruckmuller-Genlot, Danielle: Peinture et Civilisation Britanniques, Ophrys, 2000.