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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

The course is designed to help students improve their technical writing skills in English by looking at the English language itself and at the adoption of writing rules and the use of glossaries and style guides. The course will provide an insight into a selection of tools used by technical authors when producing English content. It will also highlight the importance of producing clear content in order to promote re-use and make human and machine translation as effective as possible.

English language
  • Rules
    • Why are they useful (readability, re-use, ease of translation)
    • Text rules
    • Formatting rules
    • Sentence rules
    • Word rules
  • False friends
  • Common errors
  • British English v American English

  • Usage and examples
  • How to create a glossary

Style Guides
  • Usage and examples
  • How to create a style guide

Single-source publishing
  • Definition
  • Usage

QA tools
  • Built-in tools in MS Word
  • Grammarly: Free online tool and free Add-in for Word ( )
  • XBench: QA content for consistency across files, against terminology lists, string length, tag placement and usage. Free 30-day trial ( It can be used in translation projects but can also be used on the source language only.

Authoring assistance
  • Acrolinx: Check content for spelling, grammar, style, use of accepted/forbidden words, sentence length, either as a sidebar within ap plications (MS Office, Adobe products, Wordpress and more) or as a stand-alone analyser tool ( The product is not free but it is worth mentioning it and perhaps looking at a free webinar because it is used by many corporations (see

Single-source publishing

  • Correction of non-optimised sentences based on writing rules
  • Adaptation of non-optimised texts based on writing rules
  • Creation of Getting Started instructions for an everyday device or application, involving creating a glossary and style guide first

Parcours : Technologies des langues - Traitement automatique des langues, informatique et traduction