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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Niveau de l'enseignement : C1-Autonome - Utilisateur expérimenté

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

‘The Emblem and Shakespeare’s King Lear’

Emblems belong to the episteme of the early modern period. They can be defined as intermedial configurations combining images and texts. Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, Herbert, Vaughan and many other 16th and 17th century poets and playwrights drew a lot from the emblem tradition. In this course we shall situate emblems within their political and ideological contexts and investigate the modus operandi of emblems (the classical and biblical sources of the images and the texts, the relationship between the two semiotic codes, the construction and didactic purpose of emblem collections…). We shall also use the theoretical framework of New Historicism to approach emblems in terms of plurivocal discourses participating in the circulation of dominant ideologies and simultaneously questioning the paradigms of Renaissance culture. Finally we shall examine Shakespeare’s treatment of emblematic discourse in King Lear.

Bibliography :

-A booklet for this seminar will be available for purchase from the university’s printing services (imprimerie de la DALI), Patio, building 5, before the beginning of term.

-SHAKESPEARE, W. King Lear. London : Penguin Shakespeare, Penguin Books, ed. T.J.B. Spencer, 2005.

-A full bibliography will be distributed at the first class

Compétences à acquérir

Familiarity with critical discourses on one or several key texts.

Parcours : Études anglophones : monde anglophone, recherche