Against Eurocentrism : Decentering Europe

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  • Cours (CM) 18h
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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Lecturer: Wiebke Keim, CNRS

Students acquire conceptual and theoretical knowledge in the domain of critiques of Eurocentrism and deconstructions of “Europe”.

We are living through uncertain times. Instead of the harmonious global village which many of the globalisation experts made us believe in, we are witnessing crises and polarisations, new forms of control and displacements. We will start by exploring the economic dimensions of the crises, we look at how various international and regional entities responded to economic challenges. Particularly, we will be looking at the dynamics of some emerging powers, with a specific emphasis on BRICS. What are those dissimilar countries trying to achieve together and what are the challenges they bring to a contemporary understanding? Part of all this has gone hand in hand with epistemic turbulence which we will try and understand. Although economic power seems to be moving South and East, the centres of knowledge seem to remain within the West. Through this, we will explore some critical examples that might be deepening globalisation or that might mark the end of that era.
The course brings together students from the MA Euroculture, Strasbourg University, and from the MA Global Studies, Freiburg University. The lectures and seminars will take place in either of the two locations.
Examination requirements: Students will hand in an individual research paper at the end of the semester based on a case study from their own educational experience.

Parcours : Euroculture : cultures, politiques, sociétés