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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Code scolarité: LG20FM12

Contrairement aux cours de langue orale en première et deuxième années, le contenu des cours en troisième année est spécifique à chaque enseignant. L’étudiant choisira un des cours offerts dans la limite des places disponibles.

Les places sont limitées à 18 étudiants par groupe.

General description:
This course aims at improving speaking skills through a combination of different class activities ranging from role play, drama, oratory reading, rhetoric, discourse analysis and interpreting to presentations, speeches, debates and discussions. The TD groups may cover very different subject matters, but the expected learner outcome remains the same across classes: the emphasis in this English course for advanced students shifts from accuracy to fluency, from rote learning and scripted speech to creativity and spontaneity.

As in other courses, the successful outcome depends on learner involvement: language proficiency and speaker fluency cannot be taught in a course but are acquired gradually, with a lot of practice. Regular attendance, home assignments and intensive personal input extending beyond the two hours/week class sessions are essential.

Please read the following descriptions carefully since the groups offered in this module follow different syllabi. Some of the groups will have a major theme that defines course content throughout the semester (e.g. feminism in the 21st century) and will incorporate a variety of speaking activities related to the topic. Other groups will target a major skill that is practised throughout the semester (e.g. performance) and may address a number of different topics.

Note that each group has its own oral assessment methodology depending on the specific skills that are targeted by a given instructor.

Course description TD group 1 – Chelsee MARAVILLA

Course description TD group 2 – Bella DALLY-STEELE

Course description TD group 3 and group 4 – Lara DELAGE-TORIEL & Gideon KEMPER
Play it By Ear

This course encourages you to savour with your ears and tongues the flavours of the English language, using a hands-on approach rather than theory and rules. Be prepared to play with words and sounds, intonation and emotion, stress patterns and pronunciation, by exploring creative writing and various aspects of verbal and non-verbal performance.

This year the course will hopefully contribute to a wide-ranging event, Strasbourg Capitale Mondiale du Livre. You will immerse yourselves in Indian culture and ultimately give a public reading of the work of an Indian writer that will also be translated by Ms. Hillion’s version group(s).

Course description TD group 5 – Benjamin LAWLOR

Course description TD group 6 - Rémi Vuillemin
English in performance
This course will focus on English in performance. We will study various types of performance such as poetry, stand-up comedy, music, radio and TV shows, drama, political speeches, etc. You will be asked to practice your English through performance (reading texts aloud, playing extracts from plays, participating in debates, conveying a point of view on a specific topic in a convincing way…), and you will be encouraged to do so creatively. The aims of this programme are, of course, to develop fluency and phonological accuracy, but also to build confidence and to improve your presentation skills.


Compétences à acquérir

Les compétences à acquérir en langue orale sont définies par l’enseignant et sont en conséquence propres à chaque groupe de TD.

Les compétences langagières visées comprendront une ou plusieurs des capacités suivantes :
- proposer une argumentation claire, bien structurée et fluide dans un style adapté au contexte, et/ou
- s’exprimer sur des points complexes ou sensibles, identifier des problématiques et savoir se positionner avec assurance, et/ou
- donner une description claire et détaillée de sujets complexes, et/ou
- s’exprimer avec aisance et spontanéité dans divers contextes et/ou sur des points complexes ou sensibles.


Faculté des langues

22, rue René Descartes

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