Journée d'études: Perspectives on Saami Studies

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24 janvier 2022
9h 15h


Björn Norlin, Anna-Lill Drugge (Umeå) : “Teaching Saami Pasts and Presents: Educational Policy and Practice in Contemporary Sweden”

Alexandre Zeitler (Strasbourg) : "Connecting mining & reindeer herding knowledge: the Stjernøya case"

Eda Ayaydin (Paris) : "Sami culture in move?: Changing traditional economic activities in Finnish Lapland in the climate change era." 

Micheal Riessler (University of Eastern Finland) : From Lappology to Indigenous (Saami) Studies. History of ideas and research.

Alexandre Chollet (Caen) : ‘Gebrokken norsk’: Norwegians’ perceptions of Northern Sami interference features in North Norwegian dialects of Troms og Finnmark county.