EARS/EUCOR English Seminar on Indian literatures in English, 13 avril 2012

15h00 – Welcome and coffee

15h30 – Prof. Bodh PRAKASH (University of Delhi, fellow of SEARCH for Spring 2012) :
« Memory and the (Re) Making of the Self in the Narratives of Partition »

16h30 – Dr. Geetha GANAPATHY-DORÉ (Université Paris XIII):
« Chutnification : The Recyling of Canonical Texts in the Indian English Novel »

17h30 – Dr. Ursula KLUWICK (University of Berne):
« Salman Rushdie’s magic realism »

18h30 – Buffet for speakers & participants (staff & students from the English departments of
Basel, Freiburg, Mulhouse, Strasbourg)