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Le cinéma L'Odyssée de Strasbourg projette régulièrement des représentations théâtrales enregistrées au National Theater de Londres. Plus de détails sur les séances ici.


National Public Radio (USA)

British Press

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The Big Project (World Press in English)

Jean Sabiron's blog: a daily-updated compendium of oral and written ressources about the English-speaking world

Oxford Biographies:    PODCASTs  
A fortnightly biography of an intriguing individual from British history. Each episode in the podcast is a biography selected from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - the authoritative collection of more than 56,000 lives of men and women from around the world who have shaped Britain's history. You can download more free biographies from the web site at

OED (Oxford English Dictionary) et ODNB (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography): Ressources en ligne accessibles par le portail documentaire de l'UdS