Ecrire l'Europe - How I became a German. The bumpy ride to my national identity (in English)

Le 6 novembre 2018
De 18h30 à 20h00
copyright © Mathias Bothor / Photoselection

I was an 18-years-old highschool-girl from East-Berlin when the wall came down. Some month later as a result I became officially citizen of the Federal Republic. Germany. Reunited, powerfull and huge. Not from “from the Meuse to the Neman” – but, bad enough, from the Moselle to the Oder… I was not prepared for that. My confidence on the matter was still so low that I could not even pronounce the word “Germany” without a shiver down my spine – so I tried everything to hide who I was. To hide the dark truth behind my funny, polyglot, nice personality. To hide the ugly fact that I am German. It took me years (and a lot of Italian Pasta) to understand why that was very foolish.  

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